Description Edit

The Silence is a monastic order situated in the faraway Isles of Hum. The basic principles of the order are wisdom and insight through study and meditation in complete "silence". The monastery is never truly in silence as a set of artifacts, the Chimes, Bell and Voice of Tob, the founder of the order emit a faint, calming hum that surrounds the isles and the temple, shielding them from many ill effects such as storms.

History Edit

The Silence was founded in 997 by a group of Agiannan seafaring adventurers led by a man named Tob. The adventurers' ship hit a storm near the then undiscovered Isles of Hum, and ran aground. The survivors of the wreck found their way onto the nearby isles as if they had been called towards it, they were surprised as they found the isles were untouched by the raging storm that had torn their ship, and were filled by a sense of serenity. Years passed on the isles and the survivors established a thriving community, and eventually with the lead of Tob, formed the Silence.

Artifacts Edit

The three major artifacts of the Silence are the Chimes of Tob, a large sets of windchimes built in alcoves along the cliffsides of the isles. They on themselves do very little, as they are too heavy to be blown and played by the wind. The Bell of Tob, placed atop the highest cliff, is the second artifact of the Silence. Once the Bell is struck the Chimes resonate and fill the isles with a calming aura that strengthens the ever-present barrier protecting the isles. The Voice of Tob is different as it is not a physical artifact, it is the spirit of Tob residing in the protected inner chamber of the temple of the Silence, and it is a major step in a monk's life to meditate with the spirit and allow it's wisdom to merge with the monk's. It is unknown why Tob's spirit hasn't left the physical realm and continues to reside within the temple.