Description Edit

Ratheltans are a humanlike race hailing from the great island of Ratheltan, in the Central Sea.

Appearance Edit

Ratheltans look rather sickly with their pale, translucent gray skin and wispy bluish white hair, their eyes and other features tend to have dark blue or purple bruise-like markings, mistaking a sleeping Ratheltan for a dead one is not unheard of. Their hair grows and slicks back naturally, though many Ratheltans prefer to style their hair to bizarre poses to combat their otherwise ghastly appearance. Ratheltan physique is not too frail however, though they are not as physically able as other races, their endurance against diseases remains formidable. Ratheltans are sometimes called shadefolk by outlanders.

Culture Edit

Ratheltan culture is usually formal and achievement based, young Ratheltans are expected to succeed their parents in their efforts and they usually do, though often some have rebellious spirits and prefer to pursue a more artistic, free life. Ratheltans think both art and science are both equally important, and encourages youth to choose a path that best fits them, as long as they succeed at it. Large academies and studios can be found in every Ratheltan city, as well as magic auditoriums where arcane spellcasting is taught freely. Marshlander lifestyle is another, more isolated form of life in Ratheltan society, isolationists who prefer the luxuries of simplicity hold farms and livestock in the marshes below the cities, making sure the people have food to sustain their daily activities.

History Edit