The City of Ratheltan Edit

Ratheltan's capital bears the name of its continent, it is a city leading in scientific and magical research worldwide, often combining the two neatly. Ratheltan knights have their headquarters situated in the city, as do the local magi and tinkers. The city itself is a layered architectural wonder and a shining beacon of Ratheltan ingenuity.

Architecture Edit

Ratheltan is built in layers, designed to give the most space of a small steady area, as the marshes of the island continent leave little room for large cities. The city is partly submerged underwater in glass domes, and overwater it is a towering monolith consisting of six large layers. The glass domes are mostly recreational zones, reserved for theaters and such. Noble manors and expensive hotels are also located here. The ground level of the city is the commercial level, housing shops, inns and commoner housing. The second layer, getting smaller as they go up, is the guild layer. Here one may find the tinker guild, adventurers' guild, magi arcaneum and other services. The third layer is reserved for middle class and noble housing. The fourth layer is the temple layer, housing shrines to Ratheltan saints. The fifth layer is the estates, housing the elite of the city. The sixth and final layer on the top of the city is the palace, where the Ratheltan monarchy resides. Travel between layers is achieved via streams of magical breathable water that can either flow up or down along the vertical city canals.

Archmagus' Tower Edit

Seperate from Ratheltan, the Archmagus' Tower floats idly above the layered city, the current Archmagus Talvaryn Raisth governs over it at current times. The Archmage generally holds a place of great power in the city, being the direct advisor to the monarchy. They also have great responsibilities as they are expected to keep the magical waterways of the city flowing, as well as maintaining other magical contraptions such as lighting and temperature of the city. The tower itself is accessed only from the palace, via a guarded Dawnling portal.

Knights of Ratheltan Edit

A noble organization devoted to the worship of Saint Gidevere, Slayer of Undead and Abominations. As such they too hold a code of honor and devotion against any unnatural beings that walk the realm. Consisting mostly of magical marshes, the isle of Ratheltan is perfect for a base of operations for such an order, though their influence can be called upon from anywhere in the world. The Knights are a well respected and liked group, but their membership is hard to achieve, and advancing the ranks is tedious at best.

Tinker Guild Edit

Ran by the Aber-Sai tinker Gheo'Khan, the Tinker Guild is a new but already well achieving organization that has spurred an interest to recycling and reinventing older creations to new standards. As the sciences of magic advance in Ratheltan, so does the junk that's left behind, allowing the tinkers of the city new opportunities to practice their craft. Inventors from all over the region gather a few times a year to present their current projects at a science fair held in the guild.