The twenty four months of the year Edit

A year on Koro consists of twenty-four unique cycles of the Twin Moons. Each month holds a specific meaning and children born in specific months may exhibit traits related for said month.

Algiz Edit

Algiz, the first month of the year, is one of protection. Prayers are said often during this month to ensure the year ahead will be prosperous. The Argaati hold the Moonclash Celebration during Algiz.

Sowulo Edit

Sowulo, the second month of the year, is one of light, and the sun. It is the hottest month and offerings to the sun are given to thank it for it's life-giving glow. The Argaati hold the Sun's Soul Festival during Sowulo.

Teiwaz Edit

Teiwaz, the third month of the year, is one for the lost. On Teiwaz, the deceased are remembered and revered for the lives they led, many visit family crypts on pilgrimage to pay their respects for their fallen.

Berkana Edit

Berkana, the fourth month of the year, is one of natural magic and Fae. Druids celebrate this month more than any other, and Fae from forests act playful and friendly with the people of the realms. This has led to some cultures using Berkana as a way to easily trap and catch Fae for magical rituals.

Ehwaz Edit

Ehwaz, the fifth month of the year, is one of speed. It is the shortest month, as if the moons skipped a beat, and is often celebrated by athletes, especially swimmers and runners.

Mannaz Edit

Mannaz, the sixth month of the year, is one of creation and destruction. A fair is held by the Argaati in which artists create sculptures for display at the beginning of the month that are later crushed to pieces at the end, to symbolize how easily life flows from the beginning to the end.

Laguz Edit

Laguz, the seventh month of the year, is one of water. Seafarers and water-born races celebrate this month.

Inguz Edit

Inguz, the eighth month of the year, is one of spirits, and the Gatekeeper. Many believe spirits of the dead can cross the border of life and death during this month, and a holiday centered around masks and plays to please the dead has spurred from this. Liches find this celebration to be extremely offensive.

Dagaz Edit

Dagaz, the ninth month of the year, is one of day and night. The cycles of the moons and the sun are reversed from this month onward, and on the Day of Total Eclipse, parties are held as the night drags on for a whole day without the sun in sight.

Opila Edit

Opila, the tenth month of the year, is one of generosity. Monasteries and beggars celebrate this month, as the public's pockets are much looser with coin this month.

Fehu Edit

Fehu, the eleventh month of the year, is one of fertility and fortune. Farmers and those who wish to have children celebrate this month, in it's literal sense. Monks and thinkers celebrate it to achieve fertility of the mind to new ideas, and fortune in their search for deeper understanding.

Uruz Edit

Uruz, the twelfth month of the year, is one of strength and resilience. Those struck with hardships seek power to go on during this month, and help to said individuals is often offered more readily.

Purisaz Edit

Purisaz, the thirteenth month of the year, is one of uncorruption and purity. It is the patron month of Vvlyvenne, the Crystal Lady.

Ansuz Edit

Ansuz, the fourteenth month of the year, is one of holiness. Saints of the past are revered during this month.

Raido Edit

Raido, the fifteenth month of the year, is one of travel and adventure. Anyone seeking to begin quests, journeys or adventures should do so in this month. The Argaati hold the Traveler's Week during Raido.

Kenaz Edit

Kenaz, the sixteenth month of the year, is one of fire and knowledge. This month is celebrated by librarians and pyromaniacs.

Gebo Edit

Gebo, the seventeenth month of the year, is one of trade and commerce. Markets around the world bustle with activity during this month, and prices are often dropped for the general public. Aber-Sai hold the Grand Trades during Gebo.

Wunjo Edit

Wunjo, the eighteenth month of the year, is one of glory and combat. Warriors and martial artists find this month suitable for drinking copious amounts of alcohol or to devote the entire month to rigorous physical training, rarely both at once.

Hagalaz Edit

Hagalaz, the nineteenth month of the year, is one of cold and ice. It is the coldest month of the year and is hated by many, but adored by the few. Northern folk that take pride in their resilience against the cold hold this month in great respect.

Naupiz Edit

Naupiz, the twentieth month of the year, is one of destiny. Omens of fate, whether ill or good, are often brought to light by oracles during this month.

Isa Edit

Isa, the twenty-first month of the year, is one of secrecy. This month is also used as a time to make confessions one might otherwise dare not to.

Jera Edit

Jera, the twenty-second month of the year, is one of time and mortality. It is the longest month and sadly, the one with the most deaths, notably suicides.

Ehwaz Edit

Ehwaz, the twenty-third month of the year, is one of forests and new life. The woes of winter lift away from many regions, and spring and summer await ahead. Many fairs are held in celebration to this.

Perp Edit

Perp, the twenty-fourth month of the year, is one of chance and courage. Not many revere this month, but the few that do consider it a time to make actions, and to take stances.