Description Edit

Liches are individuals of great magical prowess that have used excessive amounts of necromancy in their lifetime, corrupting their vitae badly enough for them to be born again after death as powerful undead with no memory of their past lives of aspirations. Most Liches perceive severe mental trauma from this and often have experiences of glimpsing the afterlife, and describing it as the utopia they desire. Their current form of undeath is permanent, which means they are essentially unkillable by any discovered means, which they seek to remedy.

Appearance Edit

Most Liches consider their mummified undead appearance hideous and try to cover it with bright colored, thick layers of robes. They also wear masks resembling their former race before death. Their heads, afflicted strangely by the death magic, glows an eerie shade of pink, magenta, green or blue, the head is indestructible but highly volatile, and if fire or even high concentrations of light is shone onto them they may explode violently, most likely obliterating their body and leaving the head behind to find a new one, if possible. Liches also use copious amounts of perfume to mask their rotting stench, which they hate the most.

Culture Edit

Lich culture is based on research and isolation, they mostly try to merely find a way to die, and if the occasional exception appears they are cast away quickly. Crime is unheard of in Lich society, except for targeting another Lich with fire or light as this causes severe physio-magical suffering in case the Liches head explodes. Otherwise Liches enjoy annual gatherings to compare their findings and find new inspiration to keep experimenting with death magic.

History Edit

Lich history is quite straightforward, they have existed for ages and usually seek to hide away in exclusively Lich communities, the largest one being under the magical marshes of Ratheltan, in the city of Nyxros. Aber-Sai also has its share of Liches, as they are held in great respect there. Nyxros itself has become a nexus of Lich death-searching as they experiment with forms of death magic to see if it can end their undead lives for good. So far no real progress has been made.