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Koro is the largest and most diverse continent, spanning from the northern sea through the Shortstock Refuge's glaciers, the wasteland of Zul, the Rustlands, most of the Kaeri Desert and Avengarde. It's surface elevation is mostly flat, differing in the glaciers, Avengarde's hilly plains and the Rustlands. The climate varies from region to region but is mostly stable.

Regions Edit

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Avengarde Edit

The lush, grassy hills and forests of Avengarde are a fertile and hospitable land once ruled by ancient faefolk, now inhabited by the recently surfaced Argaati. The southern shores of Avengarde, containing the largest Argaati cities; Sylvia, Celleron and the Aven Isle itself, is the safest and most populated area. Farmland near Celleron provides food for the nation and the soft hilly plains aren't very threatening. Heading north are the Waldenwoods, a large forest filled with a unique walnut-like tree that bears tough shelled but delicious nuts yearwide. The river Strine flows through the woods peacefully, the town of Walden Moor sits quietly in the northern part of the forest, the city of Highlore a ways northwest along the river.The ancient Varland family home stands in the southern part of the forest. Torvald's Rest, though not officially a part of Avengarde is found to the north in the borderlands of Zul.

Zul Edit

Zul is an unforgiving wasteland, once an utopia for dragonkind until the intrusion of Warlord Drayn of the Zulborn, the land was turned to an arid zone corrupted by dark magic. The corruption extends far in all directions from the City of Zul in the middle, meeting Avengarde in the south, the Kaeri Desert in the east, the Shortstock Refuge in the north and Bunweiss in the west. The skies of Zul are always covered in purple stormclouds raining corrupt water in places, wildlife is scarce but extremely dangerous, as zulian corruption causes gigantism and madness, tuskriders, wildminds, burrowers and zulian rats have been most affected. The great Dragon Graveyards in eastern Zul are home to some of the worlds deepest ravines, some said to lead deep into the depths of the earth, to untold dark lands.

Bunweiss Edit

Bunweiss is a small isolated area to the west of Zul, inhabited almost solely by Dusklings due to their natural resistance to the corruption present. It does not differ much from the usual scenery of Zul but there is more plantlife present. The city state of Bunweiss rests within a large crevice in a mountain, creating a well sheltered spot from the zulian storms. Large caverns full of crystal and gems are found in great numbers below the ground here.

Shortstock Refuge Edit