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Argaati are a semi-amphibian humanlike race hailing from the western continent of Avengarde, and the Shallow Sea around it.

Appearance Edit

Argaati resemble a cross between humans and deep-sea fish. Their skin is scaly and rough, colored muted versions of yellow, green, purple and blue. Some Argaati may have white, gray or even black scales due to mutations such as albinism. Argaati have no hair, ears or visible noses, instead sporting fins in place of ears and nostril-slits that can close upon entering water. They also have fins on the sides of their elbows and at the back of their shins, and webbing covers the gaps between their fingers and toes. Argaati eyes are exlusively a blind, milky white though this does not appear to harm their sense of vision too much, although they are more easily irritated by bright light. Some Argaati have lures dangling above their heads that shine brightly in the dark, other bioluminescent features also exist in the gills, fins, eyes and markings on the skin of Argaati.

Culture Edit

Argaati culture is rich in celebration. Nearly every month a fair is held to praise the month in question, the largest celebrations being the Moonclash in Algiz, Sun's Soul Sowulo and the Traveler's Week in Raido.

Argaati enjoy a lifestyle of freedom and creativity, they praise adventure and exploration, and love meeting new people from any race or culture. Argaati are inquisitive, curious and aware of everything around them, and tend to ask many questions. They also appreciate gifts and other friendly gestures. Argaati are a romantic species and exhibit this without prejudice concerning race or gender. Most Argaati hold relationships until they begin to feel like finding a new interesting partner, Argaati relationships tend to last from a year to a decade, though rarely as long as that.

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Argaati fins and gills are very sensitive, they play a big role in friendly and romantic contact as a spot of connection between other Argaati.

Argaati produce young in egg clusters only in specific sanctuaries. Couples come to donate fertilized eggs to the sanctuaries where they are hatched and cared of by the tending staff, and later schooled and trained preferred professions by the teaching staff. Sanctuaries are overseen by respected Argaati matriarchs.