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Aber-Sai are a humanlike race hailing from the eastern continent of Aber.

Appeareance Edit

Aber-Sai are taller and more slender compared to other humanlike races. They have dark brown or gray skin dotted with reptilian scales, their eyes resemble those of snakes. Their necks are elongated and have flaps that can be unfurled to reveal cobra-like decorative plates. A look inside an Aber-Sai mouth reveals a row of sharp teeth, a forked tongue and in some cases venomous fangs. Their hair is colored similar to their skin and is scaly and tough, the hair has a level of feeling so Aber-Sai are very reluctant to cut it. Many Aber-Sai have snakelike patterns along their backs.

Culture Edit

Aber-Sai tend to be reserved in private and public, being a very polite and to-the-point people. Trading is very common between friends and family as well as strangers in huge markets that are populated in monthly market-weeks. Everything can be bought or sold in the right places. Holidays in Aber-Sai include the Lost Lights in Sowulo, Lucky Day in Fehu, the Grand Trades in Gebo and Hajaal's Pilgrimage in Naupiz.

The Aber-Sai regard death with respect, but not fear. It is simply another step in the life of a person, and it's not seen as a thing to be sad or angry of. The dead have their souls leave for the Astral Sea and their bodies are left to serve the family, reanimated by specific priests. The corpse of the family member goes through a rapid necromancy-assisted mummification that takes from a month to three. Those without families will be reanimated to serve as labor for the government, they work as guards, cleaners, builders etc. Eventually, usually in twenty years or so, the warding spells of the undead wear off and they are laid to rest in great house crypts.

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