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Aber is an eastern continent inhabited mostly by the snakelike Aber-Sai. It is a land of deserts and dry winds, but surprisingly lively.

Regions Edit

Aber Desert Edit

The central region of Aber is the great Aber Desert, home and birthplace to the Aber-Sai empire. The desert is a harsh location filled with endless dunes and dry winds, oases break the monotony of the desert in its western portions, and the east is dominated by the Inner Sea. To the west of the desert lie the Crimson Dunes, to the east the Vente Highlands and to the south the Ruined Flats. The Aber Desert holds the current Aber-Sai capital of Bazaar, on the northwestern shore of the Inner Sea. Other major settlements are the cities of Shaleeh and Sheikah, and the towns of Oasis, Luweh and Zen. The first capital of Aber-Sai, Guvaun, lies sunken to the sands near the northern shore.

Crimson Dunes Edit

In the southwestern corner of Aber lie the Crimson Dunes, a calmer desert area distinct from the Aber Desert due to the red sand from the ancient canyons of Muskah Valley to the north. The area is heavily covered in dusty sandstorms, which attract Wicks in large numbers. Two great mountains tower over the desert, Mount Ashren to the south and Mount Ares to the north. Coincidentally, only two major settlements are present in the Crimson Dunes. Borah near Mount Ashren and Bocuda near Mount Ares.

Muskah Valley Edit

North of the Crimson Dunes is a valley surprisingly full of life for its location. Magical winds blow from the north, from the continent of Agiannan and into Muskah Valley, causing the flora and fauna of the area to be magically corrupt and dangerous, though to a much lesser extent than in Agiannan. the valley only has a single city, Red Wind, the center of priest and mage training in Aber-Sai. The town of Yusha to the east of Red Wind acts as a minor port.

Ruined Flats Edit

To the south of the great Aber Desert are the Ruined Flats, once a metropolis of the Aber-Sai empire, now a shadow of a war between Aber-Sai and the Ohmians of Koh. The ruined flats are a desolate series of ruins, filled with brigands and renegades seeking refuge. the roads are dangerous and not often traversed. The ruins have some hotspots of activity that attract a number of treasure hunters, namely the ruins of Rahat, Icara and Ashmark. The second capital of Aber-Sai, Isra-Haan also stands ruined in the eastern part of the flats. The city of Gate to the north of it is the only major settlement, and the town of Kohwatch to the south is merely a dwindling village.

Kaeri Plains Edit

Encompassing a large area in eastern Aber are the Kaeri Plains, home to the the Kaeri, Keen and Mystra tribes of the avian Vente race. The plains are largely uninhabited due to the hostility of its native creatures, yet the Vente have lived here for ages herding Ashyaks and tending crops. The plains are milder in temperature to western Aber, but are still quite warm.

Vente Highlands Edit

North of the Kaeri Plains are the Vente Highlands, ancient home to the Vente race, and home to the main tribe. The Vente Highlands are full of calm hills and some mountains. On the Hearthspire, the Vente hold their traditional yearly rituals and celebrations. One Aber-Sai city, Goldwatch, lies on the northern seashore.

Rustlands Edit

The Rustlands are the easternmost area of Aber, a land of rusty pipes sticking from rocky mountainsides , the Tower of Spines sticks out from the center of the mass of pipes, inaccessible to most.